7-Day stay

The territory of Spiš belongs to the most beautiful regions not only in Slovakia, but also in Europe. Beautiful nature and many cultural-historical monuments enchant every visitor who chooses Spiš region as a destination.

1. day

In the embrace of Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo style and music... enjoy the atmosphere of the town of Spišská Nová Ves which is often called the Gateway to the Slovak Paradise.

The program begins in the town of Spišská Nová Ves where you will see the most beautiful places of interest of the town during the walk on the longest fusiform square in Europe. You will reveal the lure and historical value of buildings in the square – the Provincial House (at present, there is the Spiš Museum in the building), the magic of the Reduta, one of the most charming buildings in Spišská Nová Ves, the Spiš Artists’ Gallery with the most beautiful Renaissance court in the square, treasures can be also found in the Town Hall, theGreek-Catholic cathedral, Evangelical Church or Roman-Catholic Parish Church. Do not forget the ascent to the highest church tower in Slovakia.

The city tour ends at the memorial called the Place of Wishes - Tribute to Master Conrad, where you can express your wishes and by symbolically ringing a bell send it to the heaven. You will spend the afternoon in the Manor House in Markušovce and summer residence Dardanely. Renaissance-Baroque manor house hides the exhibition of historical furniture. The summer residence houses an exhibition of keyboard instruments and its wonderful hall is used as a concert hall.

2. day

Trip to the heart of the Slovak Paradise... enjoy a trip to the National Park the Slovak Paradise, which is one of the most visited places in Slovakia.

The tour begins with a walk through the natural jewel at the north-eastern edge in the recreation centre Čingov. You will take the yellow route (a 45 minute slightly uphill walk) to the Tomášovský výhľad viewpoint, which offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the surroundings. The canyon below Tomášovský výhľad viewpoint offers the blue and green marked trails along the flowing Hornád river, through the narrow canyon called Prielom Hornádu. 12 km sections of long canyon is made accessible by steps and climbing irons.

The trail across Letanovský mlyn (60 min., red trail, uphill forest path) will bring you to the heart of Slovak Paradise, to the Kláštorisko plateau. The most significant intersection of hiking trails attracts visitors thanks to the spiritual dimension of the gradually restored Monastery of the Carthusians and symbolic cemetery.

After a brief pause for refreshment you will return through Čertova sihoť (60 min., blue trail, downhill forest path). The trail leads to the mouth of Biely potok. From there you will return to Čingov down the Hornád river (blue trail, 30 min.).

3. day

In the past footsteps... go through the streets of the free royal town of Levoča to the walls of greatest medieval castle in Central Europe.

The return to the past begins in the historical center of the town of Levoča (UNESCO monument), in the city which is often considered “the brightest jewel in the crown of Spiš”. There are two churches in the center of the square of Master Pavol. The first one you will visit is the Roman-Catholic St. Jakub’s church. The church, with the biggest main altar made of lime wood, is the most precious jewel of Levoča. The church neighbours with the arcaded building of the former town hall. It is one of the finest buildings of secular Renaissance architecture in Slovakia. You will not miss the cage of opprobrium, which is an iconic fixture in the city, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The 19th century Evangelical church, the Renaissance Thurzo’s house, the Mariássy House, the monastery of the Minorites and Master Pavol´s House also deserves your attention.

Visit the Marian Hill in Levoča, which towers high above the town. It is dominated by the Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the gracious sculpture of the Virgin Mary, which is still the main symbol of Marian pilgrimages to Levoča.

Then you will continue to visit the so-called “Slovak Vatican”. The ecclesiastic town of Spišská Kapitula has been the residence of Spiš bishop for several centuries. You will also see the Late-Romanesque St Martins Cathedral, the most important building of Spišská Kapitula. Spiš Castle (UNESCO) is just a stone´s throw from the cathedral. It is one of the largest castle compounds in Central Europe. The trip continues to the village Hodkovce, where you will visit the Baroque-classical Manor House of the Csakys with a French park.

The trip ends in Žehra, where you can see another historic gem, the Church of the Holy Spirit (UNESCO). In the interior of the church are preserved unique wall paintings depicting various Biblical stories.

4. day

Captured by ice... experience the expedition to an ice kingdom hidden in the heart of the Slovak Paradise.

The trip begins in the village Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa, which is situated near the cave with unique ornamentation. Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa cave is one of the largest ice caves in Europe and it was also the first cave with electric lighting in the world. It was included into the UNESCO world heritage list in 2000.

After a good lunch you can manage the ascent through the Zejmarská roklina (Zejmarská Gorge) to the karst plateau Geravy. The ascent starts in the village Dedinky. The red marked trail will bring you to the Biely potok (White Creek) settlement, where at the top end you will take blue marked trail and enter the gorge. You will need to use ladders to climb over the rocks (50 min.).

After a brief pause for refreshment at the edge of the plateau, the green-marked trail will lead you to the village of Dedinky, where you can spend time in the sun or boating on the shores of the water dam Palcmanská Maša.

5. day

Adventure on rafts... discover the secrets of monks, sail down the river Dunajec on traditional rafts, enjoy a Goral feast with music or evening bathing in thermal water.

The adventure begins in Červený kláštor (Red Monastery), which is a unique cultural-historical building located in beautiful nature and a museum with pharmaceutical and historical exposition. After a guided tour of the museum, you will sail down the river Dunajec on traditional rafts, during which you can admire beautiful scenery. The river with its massive canyon, a series of tree-covered cliffs and natural treasures of fauna and flora - all this is a beautiful feast for your eyes.

You will spend the afternoon in the nearby town of Stará Ľubovňa, where you can visit Ľubovňa Castle, the open air Museum of Folk Architecture and a historical military camp. The Museum of Folk Architecture represents the cultural values of the ethnically mixed region of Spiš and the medieval life in the camp will lure you to try historical sports disciplines, such as bow-shooting, crossbow-shooting or axe-throwing.

On the way back you can stop in the historic town of Vrbov, where you will find seven pools with mineral water. The water in the pools comes from thermal wells and provides pleasant relaxation during evening swimming.

We also recommend an alternative trip to Kežmarok, where you can visit an atypical urban castle that will enchant you with its rich exposure, the Protestant wooden articled church (UNESCO), the new Evangelical church or The Basilica of the Holy Cross with the Renaissance belfry.

6. day

In the footsteps of chamois... let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of high mountains and go for a short walk or longer hike.

One of the Tatras adventures starts in the holiday centre Starý Smokovec. From the settlement of Starý Smokovec one can easily get to Hrebienok which is accessible by funicular. Hrebienok is a starting point for several tourist trails. For example, use the Tatra arterial road to Skalnaté pleso, or you can start your hike, which leads to Tatra cottages.

Set out for a tour from Hrebienok following the green marked trail (5 min.) to Bilíková Mountain-cottage, continue (20 min.) along the Cold Creek Waterfalls to Rainer´s Chalet. And from there follow the red-marked trail (20 min.) back to Hrebienok. If you follow the red-market trail in opposite direction, you will get to the Zamkovského Chalet.

7. day

From the kingdom of animals to water merrymaking... Enjoy the last day of your stay in the metropolis of southern Spiš in the pleasant environment of the ZOO and outdoor swimming pool. Spišská Nová Ves is rich in cultural and social life, the town has returned to life thanks to many small shops with souvenirs and terraces, where you can taste the gastronomy foods of traditional Slovak and international cuisine. The experience in the ZOO can be diversified by visiting the High rope park Monkeyland. You can also refresh yourself in the outdoor or indoor swimming pool. All of this will create your memories of your holiday in the region, which is known as the jewel of Spiš.