6 reasons why you should visit Spišská Nová Ves

Although there are not as many attractions in Spišská Nová Ves as in Rome or Paris, you can also experience the magical atmosphere full of ancient history and a unique connection to the beautiful natural surroundings. It is a unique atmosphere that is specific for this place in Slovakia, and particularly the Spiš region.

We offer 6 good reasons why Spišská Nová Ves is worth visiting:

1. Historical city centre - all in one place

Despite the fact that the life of the historical centres of most Slovak towns has moved to shopping centres, it does not apply to this town. The longest fusiform square in Europe offers a rare view of the pulsating life of the city centre. You will find a wide range of services - great restaurants with summer terraces, pleasant cafes, patisseries and bars, family guest houses or various small shops. The most valuable are architectural monuments, museums, art gallery or theaters. They can be found right in the heart of the town. Abundant green areas in the central park with a fountain offer the ideal place for meetings, relaxation and entertainment. The park with historical houses built on both sides has been used as the place for most major town events.

2. Lots of events - a town full of life

There is hardly any town in Slovakia like Spišská Nová Ves which offers so many cultural, social and sporting events: the well-known Spiš fair full of fun and attractions for young and adult visitors, the Town days with ancient history, many unique craft products and period performances, or Town full of children during which the whole town is full of the joy of children. Enthusiasts will enjoy Days of humor in Spiš region, the Musica Nobilis International Music Festival, the Ivan Sokol International Organ Festival, Christmas Fair, or a number of other cultural and sports events in which athletes from all over the world compete. Come and see that Spišská Nová Ves is always alive!

3. Entertaining people

Everyone who knows us, know that people in Spiš love entertainment. We love to laugh and meet with our family and friends. Come and entertain yourself at a number of bars in the town. Visit the square, theaters, cinemas or sports grounds. Simply everywhere.

4. A surprisingly awesome food destination

There are stylish restaurants, where you can taste specialties of Slovak and international cuisine. You will also find here one of the best restaurants in Slovakia and its visit is definitely worth it. Come taste awesome food! Freshly roasted and ground coffee or tasty sweetness from our pastry chefs will come in handy in one of the best cafes in the east of Slovakia.

5. Perfect climate - in winter cold, warm in summer

You will enjoy every season with all the bells and whistles. White cold winters attract tourists for cross-country skiing, skiing, ice climbing, ice skating or snowball fights. In the summer refresh yourself at our outdoor swimming pool, in the zoo spend free time with your children, relax on a bicycle, take hikes along the invigorating waterfalls and gorges of the Slovak Paradise or grill under the open sky on a summer’s evening. Or just simply walk while enjoying the silence of the surrounding nature, which is brimming with new life in the spring and is full of colours in the autumn. It will certainly pour energy into you. And the most important thing is that you can take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air!

6. The excellent location of the town

And, finally, something for those who want to go beyond the borders of the town. Spišská Nová Ves has an ideal location for organizing trips to the surroundings. From the town it is just a step to the Slovak Paradise, the peaks of majestic High Tatras, Pieniny, Levoča, Kežmarok, or the unique Spiš Castle - one of the most visited UNESCO monuments. Everything you might be interested in is far less than 80 km away. There are regular train and bus connections and a new motorway. Everywhere in Spišská Nová Ves is so close!

In this way we want to introduce you our town and invite you to us. If you haven’t decided yet, the words about our town spoken by Tomáš from Trnava can convince you:

I would never have visited this place, if I had not know my colleague who comes from Spišská Nová Ves. I’d think it was a forgotten town somewhere in the east of Slovakia. What a surprise when I arrived here. I would summarise it in this way - great atmosphere, excellent food, great entertainment in bars and a true gateway to the Slovak Paradise.“

And this citizen of Trnava is not the only one who was enchanted by the town...

We look forward to meeting you in Spišská Nová Ves!