Exhibition of gifts received by Pope John Paul II.

The exhibition is the only one of its kind in Slovakia and probably all over the world. It is located in the Roman-Catholic Church of Divine Mercy and in the adjacent monastic-pastoral center.

There is an exhibition of gifts from the Vatican, received by Pope John Paul II on his apostolic trips, and part of them he donated to Catholic Apostleship Association near Roman Catholic Parish in Smižany - spiritual father Pallotti, who administer this church.

There is, for example, a cross made of metal from the twin towers (World Trade Center), unique embroidery (handmade) from Mexico showing the papal genealogy from St. Peter up to St. John Pope II., a miniature of a burnt house from Kosovo, the Ten Commandments artwork and many other interesting things received by Pope John Paul II.


Sídlisko Západ I, Hutnícka ulica 2,
Spišská Nová Ves