The highest church tower (87m)

A neo-gothic church tower with a height of 87 m, built between the years 1892 - 1893 by design of professor Imrich Steindel, represents the most distinctive silhouette of the town. It is the highest church tower in Slovakia.

On its four sides there are seven clock faces run by a single clock mechanism. The tower provides outstanding views of the town and its broad surroundings. By ascent to the tower, the visitors have a unique chance to admire five real bells.

The oldest one, the so-called Šmertny with a diameter of 92 cm is from 1486 and it was made by Ján Wagner, a bell-founder from Spišská Nová Ves. The two largest bells, Urban with a diameter of 206 cm and a weight of 5 320 kg (originally from 1647, but recast in 1857) and Concordia with a diameter of 164 cm and a weight of 2 576 kg (from 1857) were made by Andreas Schaudt from Budapest. In 1930, the bells Peter with a diameter of 143 cm and Medián with a diameter of 118 cm were cast by the bell-foundry workshop Fischer from Trnava.

On the tower, there are four wooden sculptures of the Evangelists with a height of 3,25 m and weight of 800 kg. They were made by the sculptor Július Fuhrmann who is buried in a local cemetery.


Radničné námestie 6,
Spišská Nová Ves