Town hall and the place of wishes

The three-storey classicistic building was constructed in the years 1777 - 1779 in the center of the square. The main entrance is located on the north side, the front façade faces the south.

Outside the town hall, on both its sides, it is decorated and highlighted by semi-columns, Ionic capitals, laurel garlands and medallions. Of particular note is the interior decoration. The most remarkable room is the ceremonial hall located in the middle of the building extending over two floors. There are solemn ceremonies held there such as welcoming newly born babies, marriages, receptions of persons celebrating their anniversaries and distinguished guests.

In the foyer on the ground floor there is a representative wall with the coat of arms of the twin cities and the original statue of the Immaculata from the Maria Column. The town hall is the seat of the Mayor and some of the organizational units of the municipality.

The Place of Wishes, as a memorial Tribute to Master Konrád, was established in the centre of the square in 2012 as a memento of the first Gothic bell-foundry workshop in the Spiš region (and also the most important in Slovakia) founded in Spišská Nová Ves by Master Konrád. The first written mention of the bell-founder is dated back to 1357. His successors maintained the workshop actively until 1527. From the point of view of sound and shape accomplished bells from this workshop ring until today in Spišská Kapitula, Košice, in several Spiš villages, as well as in Krakow in the Main Square.

A unique opportunity to see these time witnesses is offered also directly in the town of Spišská Nová Ves where the bell-foundry workshop operated. At the Place of Wishes since April 2013 there has been placed a church bell from the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries made in Master Konrád´s workshop. Its base diameter is 86 cm and height is 85 cm. The memorial is an artwork of the academic sculptor Štefan Kovaľ from Vyšné Ružbachy. It depicts the imaginary portrait of the medieval bell-founder Konrád.

On the back side of the semi-bell there is a historical text O REX GLORIE VENI CVM PACE (O, King of Glory, Come in Peace) inscribed, which expresses the desire of all of us for earthly peace and tranquility and is characteristic for a number of bells from Konrád’s workshop. And why the Place of Wishes? The semi-bell of the memorial invites visitors to come inside, where they can silently express their wish and by symbolically ringing a bell send it to the heavens.


Radničné námestie 7,
Spišská Nová Ves