Spiš fair

Just like a holiday belongs to the summer, so the Spiš Fair belongs to Spišská Nová Ves.

The 4-day event that most of us await with an excitement. In the past with the expectation of good shopping, today with the expectation of meeting those whom we haven´t met for a long time and also enjoying delicacies from the market. The youngsters will be after having fun and increase adrenaline, the elderly like to spend money on trifles for their children and grandchildren.

Spiš fair has a history of more than 60 years. But the town has been allowed to organize weekly markets since 1380. What a long tradition! It is not a surprise that Spiš fair is one of the seven wonders of our town.

Spiš fair

  • the largest and most popular event 
  • the number of permits issued for participants: 500
  • the average number of fun attractions: 46
  • the average number of hospitality facilities: 22 + 12 summer terraces
  • the number of members of organizing committee: 37
  • the average number of cultural performances: 28
  • the annual participation of guests from sister cities
  • the participation of guests from abroad: Romania, Belarus, Báčsky Petrovec, Ukraine, China, Azerbaijan
  • the extension of the fair by Pivkobranie since 2009
  • the extension of seats to 2500