Grill Bar

Let´s meet at the Grill! Everybody in Spišská Nová Ves knows what this sentence means. Grill bar restaurant has over the years become one of the most popular restaurants in Spišská Nová Ves and its surroundings.

The refreshing orange color of the house on one of the largest Slovak squares attracts its customers and offers them a homely atmosphere as well as a tailor-made offer. Our clients over the years have created dining and beverage menu. We offer only what they like, and so it is with the space. We tried several options, but mostly we listened to what people wanted.

The famous orange house is visited by customers mainly because of grilled specialties, the steaks to be mentioned as the first. If you want to have a tasty steak, visit the Grill bar. In addition, we offer several specialties equally popular among the Slovak and foreign visitors.

In the facility, you will find adequate space for smokers and non-smokers, we have also a rich offer of vegetarian meals and sweetmeats. The drinks menu is fully devoted to good beer (we draft 9 kinds), wine, coffee or chocolate.

Our place is well appreciated by students, businessmen as well as by families. We organize social events, concerts, cultural events, we gave space to art. The most important is the offer of meals and drinks; this is why our customers come to us.

We have got our stable position in the range of local restaurants. We are happy to have both, our permanent and casual clients. If you have not been at our place yet, we’ve got only one piece of advice - let´s meet at the Grill!