Café Mlynček

The historic building of Matica Slovenská on Zimná Street hides one of the coffee stories. Family café Mlynček offers joy and enthusiasm not only thanks to coffee, but also a cozy environment and a unique atmosphere.

Coffee of high quality, beverages and traveling. You will find all these attributes in downtown in a historic building, which is kind of a cultural center. There is a theater directly in it. However, you will also find peace and quiet here. The interior of the café is inspired by Portugal that enchanted the owner.

Skilled and pleasant barista will serve you coffee with a smile, welcoming every customer, whether new or permanent. Sophisticated and nice serving of the coffee is a true visual experience.

You will find here cakes from the Café La Fée in Poprad, which are well-known throughout Slovakia, mainly due to their delicious taste and fresh ingredients. In the evening, you can enjoy a glass of wine in Mlynček and find yourself in the atmosphere of Portuguese streets again. Offer includes also craft lemonades, and coffee is prepared by alternative ways each time from another roaster.

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