Escape Room

What was once a computer game, is now a real-life adventure!

For the past 10 years, escape games have been transitioning from the virtual world to the real word. These games are no longer limited to finding hidden keys with mouse clicks. They now incorporate a fully immersive environment packed with hidden secrets that are engaging audiences of all ages, all around the world.  

Escape Room (ER) is an experience game, where a team consisting of a minimum 2 and maximum of 6 people, without age restrictions, try to find hints, codes and keys by using logical thinking. They have to escape the room within the 70 minute time limit.

You can be the part of the scientific expedition that is trying to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. But during the flight, there will be some unexpected complications. Are you able to cope with them? A mechanic, astrologer, mathematician and physicist will of be assigned specific tasks based on your profession. However, unexpected circumstances will see to it that your assigned skill-set will be not enough to solve some of the tasks. Only team work will allow you to engage all of your senses and save the lives of everyone on your expedition.

So, are you able to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and safely land within the time limit? We are pleased to welcome you to test your personal limits and the strength of the team in this unique and realistic escape room, BERMUDA ESCAPE.

 If you wish to participate, an expeditionary plane departs every day (including weekends and holidays) from Squash Centrum, Mlynská 15, Smižany. You can book your flight tickets online at , or call +421 53 44 22 444.