Outlook tower Schulerloch

Spišská Nová Ves has its first observation tower from June 2022. It is located in the nice suburban recreation area of ​​Schulerloch. The lookout tower offers wonderful views of the town and the surrounding hills - the High Tatras, Slovak Paradise, Levočské and Volovské vrchy, Branisko.

The tower is 24 m high, has 5 floors and is red and white in colour due to its location near the sports airport.

On the top floor of the observation tower, you will find information boards with the description of the surrounding mountains.

In Schulerloch locality there is also a pilgrimage site with the chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a small cave Školská diera (or Karasova diera), an old military bunker and ashooting range - a multifunctional area for various types of sports.

You can get to the lookout tower along the green marked route either from Novoveská Huta (you can park by the Poľovník Pub) or from the Tarča housing estate (route leading by the retirement home). Both routes are approximately 4.5 km long (approx. 1 hour of walking). You can also walk from Sadová Street - along the red marked route (the route passes by the Chapel of Our Lady of Carmel).

Note: We kindly ask visitors to park their cars at the end of Sadová Street and continue on foot, as the road leading to the chapel and the shooting range is narrow and dusty and there is a danger of collision with cyclists and hikers.