Single trails in Novoveská Huta

Do you like mountain biking? Come to the Ferčekovce - Novoveská Huta district to try out new single trails. Take your children too.

Single trails are located close to the former Rittenberg ski area. These are two one-way routes designed for one cyclist. The children's track is about 300 m long and its start is located at the beginning of Novoveská Huta. The Novovesky trail is about 1.5 km long, starting at the Šmakartovec meadow or on the Skalka hill.

The routes are built in the natural terrain and there are various natural obstacles (ditches, slides, stones, tree roots...) as well as artificial ones (tilted bends for easier passage, jump ramps, so-called “droby” for more demanding cyclists). Single trail rules:

1.       Entry to single trails is at your own risk.

2.       Drive only on marked trails and in the marked direction.

3.       Be aware of your abilities and pay attention to your safety and the safety of
          other cyclists.

4.       Wear a helmet or other suitable protective equipment.

5.       Be considerate of nature, animals, plants and other forest visitors.

6.       Don't pollute nature with your garbage but take them home.

7.       Stop in clearly visible places so that you do not block other cyclists and also
          prevent collisions.

8.      Do not destroy natural or artificial obstacles.

9.      Do not change the character and difficulty of trails by building your own

10.     It is forbidden to enter the trails by any motor vehicle.

Please note that you can only enter the track at your own risk!
Helmets and other protective equipment are necessary.