Forest educational path "Diana"

The forest educational trail in Novoveská Huta called DIANA is managed by the forest company Lesy mesta Spišská Nová Ves. It is approximately 2200 m long and runs along existing forest roads and paths.

The trail is popular and frequently visited by groups of children from kindergartens and primary schools, sometimes even with the accompaniment of guides, forest workers. 

The route starts at the bus stop opposite Sádrovka in Novoveská Huta. On the way to the top you will come across a wooden shed, information panels, even a barefoot trail, a tree „traffic lights“ and other natural educational elements. 

There are 5 themed stops on the sidewalk, each with its own information panel, where visitors can learn interesting facts about the forest. The first stop is dedicated to the restoration of the forest, the second informs about the wood composition of the forest, the third about hunting, the fourth is about signs and markings in the forest and the fifth explains the general significance of the forest. 

Just behind station number one there is a renovated snow pit with an information panel.At the station number 4 you will find the lifestory of a tree, where you can learn interesting facts from annual rings.

Most of the attractions are at the station number 5. An educational turning panel informs about how long it takes for different materials to decompose in nature. At the "mining stop" you can see model of a charcoal kiln, which shows how the charcoal used to be burned in past. Geology enthusiasts will find interesting a detailed description of a well, which was to determine the presence of copper in the area. The copper was not found, but the miners hit the water and it has been flowing for 42 years now. There are info panels for both attractions and a QR code by the charcoal kiln, where you will learn how to build such a kiln. 

Together with enthusiasts from Novoveská Huta, we also prepared an interesting children's game called STONE AGE. The aim of the game is to search for painted stones and move them within the path.

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