The Greek-Catholic cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord with a modern impressive mosaic from natural materials

The cathedral is among the youngest sacral buildings in the town. It was built to symbolically highlight some of the traditional Byzantine elements, while from the outside it looks modern. Noteworthy is the sacral interior decoration.

Iconostasis written by Ukrainian masters from Lviv

A typical feature of byzantine architecture is the separation of the nave and the sanctuary by the figurative wall called iconostasis. A three-stage iconostasis is made up of 3 rows of beautiful icons, written by Ukrainian masters from Lviv using a traditional technique according to transcribed canons.

Spiš iconostasis consists of icons of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, the patron saint of the Orthodox Church St. Nicholas, patrocination of the church - the Transfiguration of the Lord, twelve great feasts of the Orthodox Church, the twelve apostles, Christ Pantocrator, the Last Supper, and icons of four evangelists with their symbols.

The only church in Slovakia with a modern impressive mosaic

The church is also the only church in Slovakia, the sacred decorations of which consist of a modern impressive mosaic according to the school of Father Mark Rupnik from Centro Aletti in Rome. His work can be admired in Lourdes, Fatima or the Vatican city. The mosaic from natural materials - various types of stone from the Spiš region and the entire world, extends to an area of about 400 m2.

Thanks to this dynamic mosaic you will recognize in an unconventional but interesting way the main scenes and parables of Christian belief, from God’s creation of the first man Adam and the first woman Eve, up to the “Anastasis” - the descent of Jesus Christ where he symbolically holds the hands of Adam and Eve and invites them to heavenly glory.