The Spiš Artists Gallery - works of artists in the beautiful town house

The historical building in the centre of the city Spišská Nová Ves became the seat of the gallery. The history of the building, originally a town house, goes back to the second half of the 16th century.

Interesting Renaissance architecture

Renaissance architecture with three-dimensional division with cross and barrel vaults with well-preserved details of arcades, columns, cornices and beams, as well as modified exterior spaces of gallery garden, forms an attractive environment for the visitor, filled with art that gives the opportunity of cognition, education, discovering, gaining new experiences and meetings.

The Spiš Artists Gallery is one of the youngest collecting institutions not only in the region, but also in Slovakia. The Gallery collection fund consists of 1898 art-works in painting, graphics, illustrations, photography and sculpture. Artwork from the collection fund are presented in three permanent exhibitions. In 2002 a sculpture work exhibition in the Garden of Art was constructed, in 2012 Terra Gothica - Gothic route from the collections of the Gallery, in 2013 reinstalling of a permanent exhibition of drawings and paintings by Jozef Hanula.

The exposition activity of the gallery maps and presents mainly artists with relations to the Spiš Region, but it also touches Slovak Visual Art and not in a small amount it presents the work of foreign artists. The exhibition area of the gallery presents around twenty-five exhibitions of domestic and foreign authors.