The Railway Exposition

The new permanent exposition of the railway was created thanks to the initiative of the Civic Association of Spiš "We are different, not worse" and the Club of Friends of the Railway in the premises of the Gallery of Non-Traditional Arts with the goal of preserving and bringing to light the history of the railway in our region. Its founding was preceded by the exhibitions “Spišská Nová Ves and the Railway” and “The Railway through the Eyes of Photographers – Railwaymen”.

In  the first "railway museum" in Spišská Nová Ves, young and old railway enthusiasts will find a model railway, the exhibition of train models, they will be able to try "driving" a locomotive, become train dispatchers for a while and try out railway communication system and they will see a lot of visual materials and historical memories of Košice-Bohumín train line.. 

The exhibition will gradually be supplemented and thematically changed, the youngest will be delighted by an even bigger functional model railway in the future, the older ones will remember the rides in the old Czechoslovak buses.