The Spiš Theatre

The Spiš Theatre is a theatre with more than 40 years history. It has been operating under this name in the Reduta building since 1992. It is the only one that operates as a touring theatre aimed primarily at children and youth. The theatre company plays 150 - 170 performances on the whole territory of Slovakia and at foreign festivals.

A lot of great of actors, directors, composers, performing artists and dramatic advisers are part of the history of the theatre. From the variety of personages we can mention these names: Milan Drotár, Milan Kišš, Peter Gažo, Viera Strnisková, Vladimír Durdík, Peter Rašev, Vjačeslav Spesivcev, Vitalij Mozgalin, Igor Rusnák, PhDr. Anton Kret, CSc., Vladimír Čáp, Juraj Szabadosz, Róbert Mankovecký, Štefan Hudák and others.

 The Spiš theatre offers a genre-varied performances for children, youth and adults in the Slovak language. In the repertoire you can also find unique plays performed in the Spiš dialect.

Theatre capacity: 300 seats